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RawStockPhoto offers personal Release to Contributor for various situations (Adult Model Release, Minor Model Release и Property Release).

You may download Model/Property Releases in a PDF format. Contributors can print or save the file many times.
After Contributors print the Release, they should get the model or property owner sign the agreement and then digitize them via scanner or digital camera. Contributors should save the files as either a JPG or PDF file (file can be zipped) and upload the signed release to RawStockPhoto Website when uploading Products. Pictures of people or personal property will not be accepted without a signed Release.

In addition to standard scanned paper Releases, we accept also digital one created with software. There is a software for Android and iOS who creates Releases "Easy release". We accept .pdf and .jpg Relases created by the software too. Here is a link to this software.

  Contributor can upload prior Model/Property Releases from section "My Upload", "Model/Property Release". Also during the Product uploading process, you can _select_ or upload Model/Property Release attached to your Product. You must click on the "Edit" at the box "Model/Property Release".
  1. Your Release should be less than a 5Mb ZIP, PDF or JPEG (a scanned or zipped Release)
2. Click Browse to find a Release of Model/Property
3. Select a Release file from the list in Your computer
4. Click ADD to add the Release
5. Click Browse to find a Photo for Preview of Model/Property
6. Select a file from the list in Your computer (file should be less than 1Mb)
7. Click ADD to add photo
8. Click UPLOAD to complete the process
9. Repeat these steps for each Release document.

Releases forms may be downloaded as PDF files below:

1. Adult Model Release
2. Minor Model Release
3. Property Release

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