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File extensions Naming and Metadata

File extensions

All of the files that you submit must end in the proper extensions. For example, your AI-10 EPS file will end with “.eps”, and your JPG file will end in “.jpg”.

  Any file submissions without proper file extensions will be declined. We DO NOT submit Products without file extensions.
File Naming

When naming your files, it is recommended to name them appropriately. For example, if you have a photo with beautiful clouds in the sky, your file might be named “Beautiful_clouds.jpg” or “BeautifulCloudsSky.jpg”. If you have several products with the same theme, you can use numbers to the name. For example your files might be named “Beautiful_clouds_1.jpg”, “Beautiful_clouds_2.jpg” etc., or “BeautifulCloudsSky_1.jpg”, “BeautifulCloudsSky_2.jpg” etc.

  File names should NOT contain special _char_acters such as brackets ( ) { } [ ], slashes | /, stars * , spaces and others. Only allowed _char_acters are dashes – and underscores _.

When you upload an Product to RawStockPhoto Website, you will be responsible for adding “metadata“ to your file: choose a thematic Category; giving a Title; provide a Description, and Keywords you assign to your file.

  Each of these metadata are required. Without the correct metadata, we can’t accept your file.
  Before you upload a Product on RawStackPhoto, you can add "Title", "Description" and "Keywords" to the file via your preferred software. When this metadata is added to the file our system will automatically identify it in the process of uploading. Our Site use IPTC standard for metadata in files.Thus you will spare a lot of time and effort.
Thematic Categories

When uploading a Product, you may _select_ up to three thematic categories in which they can present. You must _select_ at least one thematic Category. Choose carefully the thematic Categories - they must correspond exactly to contents of the Product, otherwise we can_qt_t accept your file.


When giving your Product a Title, it is very important not to name the product of pointing _char_acter and numbers (such as 1, 111, 1A, A1, A, AA, etc., as in “AAA Beautiful clouds“ or “1 Beautiful clouds“. Manipulation and thus is not allowed and we cannot accept your file. Presentation of the Product in the first place in search results is not affected by manipulation of the name with _qt_A_qt_ or _qt_1 _qt_, but and on the proper use of words in the Title mainly from the Keywords entered. Titles are helpful for Users in choosing the right Product.
Your Titles should accurately reflect the subject. Keep your Titles short and sweet and try to avoid personalized naming or numbering systems that don’t directly reflect what your Product depicts.

Titles may not contain camera name, web addresses, or other unnecessary information. Titles must be in English only.


Please provide us with a good, focused description of your Product. Please provide a verbal Description of the Product, location, subject and any interesting information regarding your Product such as the software you used, the way you made a Product, and anything else pertaining to your submission.
You have the obligation to note in case the images are scanned from negatives and/or diapositives! The information you provide may help us decide if we can approve your file, and provide the Users with additional information.

Description must be in English only.


When uploading a product, you must enter Keywords. By Keywords Users can more easily find a Product. If you have not add Keywords we can_qt_t accept your file.
You need to carefully choose Keywords and their number so that they describe the most accurate in detail The product and / or significant parts (elements) thereof.

Each Product must have a minimum of 6 Keywords for the Product. Keywords must be in English only.

You may change Keywords after uploading a Product for review. You may also add Keywords after a Product has been approved. RawStockPhoto will monitor closely these Added Keywords where necessary may intervene.
For multiple words where you would like to create a unique phrase, consider using quotation marks.

Using unrelated Keywords for a Product will not increase your sales and is actually counterproductive.

Remember, Keywords are very important for your sales, but it is also important that our Buyers get the best relevant hits during their searches. Use descriptive words and phrases. Think through the themes in your Products; don‘t just copy & paste randomly. Customizing your Keywords for each and every Product is how you will maximize your Product download potential.


When You upload Photos, JPG preview of the Collection Raw Photos, JPG preview of the Collection Photos, JPG preview of the Collection Vectors, JPG preview of the Vector, and You have previously added "Title", "Description" and "Keywords" by IPTC Standard to files for upload, our system will automatically recognize them.

  When You upload Photos via Java Photo Uploader, after the upload process, You must edit the uploaded files. For files which have previously added IPTC metadata, You should only add at least one Thematic Category. For files which do not have added IPTC metadata, You should add Thematic Categories, Title, Description and Keywords.
If you do not add them we can_qt_t accept your file. Detail how do this, you will find here.

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