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Quality requirements for Vectors

1. Vector types

Vectors which we accept on our website are divided into several Types depending on the complexity of execution:

BL (Basic Level) Simple vectors
ML (Middle Level) Not very complex vectors
HL (High Level) Compound vectors
SHL (Super High Level) Very complex vectors

By BL Vector must be understood:

• 1 silhouette
• 1 simple object or icon
• Simple pattern and background

By ML Vector must be understood:

• 2 or more silhouettes or simple objects
• 2 or more moderately detailed objects or icons
• Moderately detailed patterns and backgrounds
• Creative and stylized imagery

By HL Vector must be understood:

• Complete composition
• Highly detailed objects
• Originality and uniqueness
• Consistency of style and execution

By SHL (Super High Level) Vector must be understood:

• Complete and highly detailed composition
• Accomplished artistic renderings
• Consistency of style and execution
• Originality and uniqueness
• Attention to detail

2. Editability

Vectors that you upload should be fully editable. All shapes should be movable and editable, and the colors should be easily able to change.

  We do not accept illustrations, created on raster programs, or that contain raster elements (such as linked elements).

The shapes you use must be clean well made without a lot of effects extra layers of unnecessary items.
We encourage you to unlock the layers give them an appropriate name, delete the invisible working layers remove any additional color swatches from a color palette to group related elements, do not mix RGB and CMYK color swatches, turn off the guide lines, check your save settings to make sure the file can be edited once you've saved your EPS.
If we find problems with these recommendations, your file may be rejected and returned for further processing.

Example of an editable vector EPS in outline view:

Example of a non-editable EPS in outline view:

3. Open Shapes

You must ensure that the image will not have open shapes. This usually happens when you create your own shapes or use transparency effects. Do not use transparency effects (transparent objects, drop shadows, bevels and embosses, etc.) that are not compatible with AI-10 version. All transparency effects must be vectorized before uploading files.

  Please review the file in the "outline" preview to make sure that the illustration does not include open shapes and rasterized elements. The presence of such may lead to the rejection of the file.

Example of closed shapes in outline view:

Example of open shapes in outline view:

4. Fonts and text elements

Many fonts are copyrighted, so before you use them make sure you have the right to use them in order to be certain that you can use them without doing any harm to anyone by using them.

  Illustrations containing distinctive recognizable features to copyrighted fonts will be rejected.

Using text elements in illustrations is not recommended by us. If you do use text elements, they must not be the main subject but only a support element in the overall composition.

  Text elements must be converted to outlines before uploading files. Materials containing not convert text elements will be rejected.

Example of unconverted text defaulting to a system font:

5. Unnecessary shapes and points

Unnecessary shapes that have been forgotten outside your artboard may lead to unnecessary increase of the file size. When you finish drawing the illustrations make sure you have deleted all unnecessary forms outside your artboard.
You must also check if you have not left useless forms in the background of your illustration. Please review the file in the "outline" preview to make sure that the illustration contains only the items you want.

  Unnecessary forms and/or points outside your artboard or illustration background will lead to rejection of the file.

6. Derivative illustrations and autotraced files

  We do not accept derivative illustrations produced from a starting material of which You do not own the copyright. We do not accept autotraced files.

Example of a poorly autotraced image:

7. Duplicate Uploads

  We do not accept multiple versions of the same vector files that differ only in color and have the same composition.

So upload unique composition files which appear to differ from others you've uploaded.


8. Collections

Collections which are uploaded on our website should comply with the following requirements:
• the number of illustrations in a Collection should be at least 20;
• each illustration in the Collection must have a different composition;
• Collections of illustration must be on the same theme;

  Do not accept a Collections of identical illustrations with different editing. For this purpose, be creative in preparing Collections of illustration.

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