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Products and licenses

Products that are accepted for sale by RawStockPhoto are: RAW Photos, Photos, Vectors, Collections RAW Photos, Collections Photos and Collections Vectors.

According Licenses in RawStockPhoto (Standard and Extended) your products can be used for: advertising, professional documents, press articles, packaging, websites, blogs, create and sale of derivatives and others. When uploading product in RawStockPhoto You can choose under what License to sell.
Please read the full Standard License Agreement or Extended License Agreement, the ways in which can be used Products.
Quality requirements to the Products can be found here. Technical requirements to the files can be found here. Our Releases can be found here. See our Upload Agreement.


By default Products are offered for sale under both our license (Standard and Extended) and in various sizes. You must decide under what License and to what size you will sell your Product, (choose only what you wish). We recommend to sell your Photos in all available sizes!
You can find Help about Uploading Photos here.

Collections Photos

Products can be sold in both license (Standard and Extended) and only for the original file size. You must decide under what license will sell your Product (choose only what you wish).
You can find Help about Uploading of Collections Photos here.

RAW Photos and Collections RAW Photos

The Products offered for sale only in Extended License and original file size.
Help about Uploading RAW Photos is available here, and about uploading Collection Raw Photos here.

Vectors and Collections Vectors

Products can be sold in both license (Standard and Extended) and to different complexity of implementation. You must decide under what License and under what Levels of complexity will sell your Product (choose only what you wish).
Help about Uploading Vectors is available here, about uploading Collections Vectors here.

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Quality requirements for Products:
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