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Contributor types

  Contributor can be any Author of Photos, Vectors and other creative content and/or his/her authorized representative.

Contributors in RawStockPhoto are two types - Non Exclusive Contributors and Exclusivе Contributors.

Non Exclusive Contributors

Non Exclusive Contributor means that you may sell Products on RawStockPhoto Website and on other agencies or image banks.
Non Exclusive Contributors are divided into Levels defined by the number downloads Bronze Level, Silver Level, Gold Level, Platinum Level.

Number of downloadsNon Exclusive ContributorsContributor Commission (%)
0-199 Bronze Level 45
200-1499 Silver Level 50
1500-4999 Gold Level 55
5000+ Platinum Level 60

The level determines what will be your commission on the sale of your Product. The more Products you sell the more money you get.

  1 file purchased with the credit system is equal to 1 download.


RawStockPhoto Website start a Promotion about Contributors. The first 100 Non Exclusive Contributors who reach 1000 approved files for sale, receive higher Commission rate for the sale of files!
In this Promotion the Commission of Non Exclusive Contributor is not related to the number of downloads (sales).
After approval of 1000 files by RawStockPhoto, Non Exclusive Contributor automatically switches from Bronze Level to Bronze Promo Level.
Number of approved filesPromo levelContributor Commission (%)
Minimum 1000 Bronze Promo Level 51
Bronze Promo Level is valid until the achieve of conditions for the Gold level (i.e. to reach 1500 Downloads). The Commission for Bronze Promo Level is determined and paid according to the conditions defined in our Seller Agreement.

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Exclusive Contributors

Exclusivе Contributor means that you may sell Products only on RawStockPhoto Website. This means that no Product from this Contributor is offered for free or for sale on another royalty free stock photography site or on the Author’s own stock site.
To become an Exclusive Contributor first You have to sell at least 500 Products in our Website, then you must remove all yours Products from all other websites or agencies where the products are available for sale or download.

Number of downloadsExclusive ContributorsContributor Commission (%)
Minimum 500 request 70

All the Contributor’s Products must be exclusively offered for sale on the RawStockPhoto Website.

  1 file purchased with the credit system is equal to 1 download.

Claim your request to become Exclusivе Contributor of e-mail support@rawstockphoto.com.
As Exclusivе Contributor You will receive higher Commissions.

The commission from the sale of Products to the moment you become Exclusivе Contributor, is determined by the table for Non Exclusivе Contributors under the relevant level (see here).
See our Seller Agreement.

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