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Cattle on a field in cloudy weather Old water pump on a potato field Golden crops on a field with a barn Fresh potatoes in the soil Potatoes and a shovel in the soil Water pump on a green field in dark weather Hand holding homegrown potatoes Potato field in cloudy weather Potatoes from a garden Silo storage with a field in the background Agriculture field Tractor plowing an agricultural field Cloudy weather Paddy field of yellow rice harvest season Harvested straw bale Dry wheat field Harvested straw bale Sunshine over cornfield Old barn house in the country Agriculture field Sunshine over cornfield Tractor on a field Countryside field crops Countryside field crops Countryside scenery with an old barn Red wagon on a countryside location Countryside field crops Old broken farm Old abandoned barn Close-up photo of a harvester Blue grape cluster with leaves  Yellow agricultural harvester machine Harvester on a dry field Yellow harvester on the country Red Tomatoes with vine Blue grape cluster with leaves Silos on blue background Big square straw bale on a field Ox Cart with Flowers in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria  Blue grape cluster as raisin with leaves  Blue grape cluster with leaves Harvester machine on a field horticultural compost Grape cluster with leaves  Blue grape cluster with leaves  Barn on a field in cloudy weather White grape cluster with leaves Countryside landscape with straw bales