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2014 Calendar Silo storage with a field in the background Tractor plowing an agricultural field hands of business woman typing on laptop keyboard MP3 Phone Player Pile of pebble Stones Indian currencies and coins Pile of pebble Stones A stack of old newspapers. Pile of pebble Stones Pile of pebble Stones Snail Near Pile of pebble Stones Crane silhouettes at a shipping harbor Pile of pebble Stones pretty business woman with speaker Snail Near Pile of pebble Stones Gold card Buy Now Blue Simple box with carrots on cells isolated Elevator shaft en dark colors seesaw globe finger dollar wood mannequin and laptop A stack of old newspapers. Call center operator Silos on blue background black leather notebook and pen seesaw globe finger dollar keyboard satellite Solar power station -  photovoltaics Blank notepad pages Call center operator Blank notepad solar panel and renewable energy MP3 Phone Player mini keyboard with button saying Crisis I am lucky written on a blue wood background satellite Gold card persistent determined man in black shirt lifting weights Call center operator Call center operator keyboard Digital art abstract composition suitable for background confused student with books money as paper for recycling Call center operator solar panel and renewable energy